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My name is Justin Molema, I am from Muntendam, a small town in Oost-Groningen, The Netherlands. I started studying to become a gamedeveloper at the Noorderpoort in Groningen in september of 2016. In my spare time I like to play video games, and the guitar. I started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 10, and switched to electic guitar when i was 13 years old.

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In this game you play as a grandma that is trying to cross the road. The game takes place in the future, and you control a electric walkingstick to help the grandma on her adventure. You can use the left mouse button, or the spacebar to activate the walking cane, and zap the grandma to make her stop. You can only do this for three seconds though, or else it's game over. The further you walk, the traffic becomes more frequent and drives faster, making the game more difficult as you progress.You get score depending on how far you made the grandma walk. I've worked on this game on the last period of my first schoolyear, together with 2 other programmers and 5 gameartists

Escape The House

This is a text based game, in which you have to escape a house. You need to solve puzzles to find your way out of the house. The game is made in C++, and is still being worked on. Currently we are working on rendering the game in c++, using Vulkan and GLFW.

Robot Defence

This game is a game that I worked on my own on during last years summer vacation. It is a tower defence game where the player takes control of a turret in the center of the map, and shoots waves of enemies. Using the score gained from killing the enemies, the player can then upgrade the fire rate or the damage of the turret. As the game progresses, the amount of enemies per wave increases, but so does the score you gain from them. Every fifth wave has a special boss enemy, which rewards you with extra score. More boss enemies spawn the further you get in the game. The aim is to get to a certain amount of score, which you can then spend to win the level.

You can contact me through my email address: justmol0608@gmail.com